Evening Classes beginning next week

I am very much looking forward to the new term which starts next week at SFX College in Clapham South.   I’m teaching Know Your Wine, a 5-week course, aimed at beginners who want to learn about the basics of wine tasting:

Week 1: Evaluation of Wine
Week 2: Sparkling Wines & Champagne
Week 3: White Wines from around the world
Week 4: Red Wines from around the world
Week 5: Major Grape Varietie

It takes place on Tuesday nights 7.30 – 9.30 and the first course begins on Tuesday 22nd September, with another course starting on 3 November.  You’ll learn how to taste wine together with food as a substantial supper will be served each evening. The course will help you determine which wines suit your palate best, what you should be buying for quaffing or for drinking with food. You’ll also learn how to talk about wines in a relaxed and informal way.   The cost is £175 per person for everything.    Guests can come along for £40 per evening.

Here are some comments from 3 past students which illustrate the course much better than I can:

Whether selecting a wine to enjoy at home or for a business lunch, I now have the confidence to make the best possible choice. The format of the course allows for group discussions enabling you to learn from your fellow pupils as well as from Harry, this leads to an appreciation that everyone’s palates are unique, but that there are solid rules you can follow to find brilliant wines. Most importantly the course is not at all elitist; it is accessible, informative, and most importantly great fun! I can now say I ‘Know my Wine’.

The class is a great opportunity to learn about different grape varieties, match wine with different foods (it actually does taste different with food!) and generally explore the wonderful world of the vine whilst picking up some interesting tit-bits from Harry’s extensive experience of wine tasting. All this in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that gives everyone the opportunity to taste reds, whites and champagne and compare and discuss just how they differ and more importantly why.

 Harry gets his audience thinking about their own interpretation of the wines and champagnes. This is either done as a whole group or in break-out seminars. The method of learning really inspired me to go off and learn more about the subject, I even ventured to a British vineyard after the first session!  And finally, the food.  Really good quality ingredients which have been carefully selected to complement the wines. It was fascinating to experience the transformation of wines with certain foods – I will certainly be impressing my friends with some quaffing and cooking soirees!  Overall a brilliant 5 weeks, culminating in a 9-wine, 4-course food extravaganza on the last week! Informative, entertaining, sociable and great value for money. I would recommend it to any beginner

If you want to join one of the courses, then please email  louise@chateauharry.com  for more details.

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