Autumn Wine Courses: Know Your Wine & Harry’s Wine & Supper Club

Know Your Wine: an ideal course to introduce you to wines from all over the globe.  Great fun and very interactive. We get you talking about wines, what you like, dislike, what you’d want to purchase yourself and what you would serve to dinner guests.   Not only will we teach you the foundations of wine knowledge, we will encourage you to articulate your feelings about the wines, using all manner of adjectives!    You’ll soon be entertaining your friends and family with your new powers of description.     

You will enjoy at least 6 wines each week (9 wines on final week) served with a tasty substantial supper.    This allows your palate to become familiar with how food harmonises with wine.   The atmosphere on the course is highly sociable and informal, and ideal for forming lasting friendships with like-minded people of both sexes and wide age ranges.  

The course is led by Harry, who has educated many hundreds of palates to the wonders of food and wine.    He writes regular wine columns and was FHM magazine’s ‘Bon Viveur Dad’ contributing articles and bon mots as required!   Check him out at or

The fee is £175 per course of 5 weeks, running each Tuesday evening 7 – 9pm. Discounts apply for bookings of 2 or more.

Week 1            Evaluation of Wine

Week 2            Sparkling wines and champagne

Week 3            White wines from around the world

Week 4            Red wines from around the world

Week 5            Major grape varieties (9 different wines and 4 x course meal this week!)

 All dietary requirements are taken care of.

There are 2 sessions per term, the same course is repeated, so as long as you tell us in advance, if you miss one week you can always catch it next time round.    

Autumn Term 2013

Know Your Wine Session 1:   Tuesday 24 September – 22 October

Know Your Wine Session 2:   Tuesday 5 November – 3 December

Wine & Supper Club: an ideal course for those more experienced imbibers.  A chance to eat food and drink wines from various wine producing regions, develop your taste buds further and discover the secrets of harmonising wines and foods.   It’s a great chance to meet like-minded people and taste some lovely culinary delights from Harry’s kitchen.  Very friendly and informal and an opportunity for you to give you opinions on some unusual wines – and you’ll taste at least 6 wines each week.
The course is led by Harry, 

The fee is £175 per course of 5 weeks, running each Thursday evening 7 – 9pm

Discounts apply for bookings of 2 or more.

Each week is different.   Here is a typical programme for each 5 week session.

Week 1:


Week 2:

Sunday Roast – wines to accompany meat

Week 3:


Week 4:

Far Eastern food and wines to accompany (Thai, China, Japan)

Week 5:

South America


Week 1:


Week 2:

Riesling – time to re-evaluate this much maligned grape

Week 3:

Spicy foods and wines to accompany

Week 4:

France – one of the main regions

Week 5:

Middle Eastern foods and wine to accompany

There are 2 sessions per term, if you have to miss one week, you can always catch up next time round.   Format is repeated in spring and summer terms, but with variations on the themes taking account of seasonality.

Autumn Term 2014

Supper Club Session 1:          Thursday 26 September – 24 October

Supper Club Session 2:          Thursday 7 November – 5 December

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