More Matching Reds

Last night the class looked at red wines from all over the globe.   Malbec from Argentina; Rioja from Spain; Chianti from Italy, Pinot Noir from Burgundy, Tinto da Anfora from Portugal and Gran Reserva Valle de Colchagua from Chile.    Most of this week’s wines I purchased at Majestic, to show the students the range of inexpensive, good quality wines available out there.

I prepared Irish Ham, cooked to my own recipe, together with huge jacket potatoes from Lincolnshire.

The favourite wine before the food was the Pinot Noir, but the favourite with food was the Tinto from Portugal – an unusual choice.    These students are learning quickly!

I was criticised though, for not providing enough eligible males in this class!    Did I mention that we’ve had 8 marriages, 10 babies and countless relationships as a result of people who have met at my classes.   Far better record than any dating organisation.    However, the majority of students on this class all seem to be married already.  We’ll see what the new intake brings on 3 November!

Happy and Healthy Drinking  



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