More wine matching


Last night, my beginner students were tasting white wines.   I served bowls of crudités with dressing, then a homemade vintage cheddar quiche.   Here were the voting results from 20 attending:

 Votes Before Food                    Votes With Food                                               

Vinho Verde        0                     20 (crudités especially)

White Rioja         4                     16

Chenin Blanc       8                    12 

Torrontes            20                   0 

Pinot Grigio         7                     17 

Viognier               8                     20

Interesting that no one went for the Torrontes with food, but everyone thought it was an ideal quaffing wine.  Also, everyone absolutely loathed the Vinho Verde, but completely changed their minds whilst matching with the crudités as the sharpness and acidity were tamed.    As usual the Viognier cleaned up with the food! 

From week 1 when everyone was afraid to say boo….students are opening up now and are very vocal in their descriptions of the wines, arguing about smell and taste, and very happy to wax lyrical about their favourites. 

Proves the amazing power of wine to bring people out of their shells!

Happy & healthy drinking.                                                                                                               


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