French Cooking Day – yum!

Got a great Cooking Day planned for tomorrow (Saturday 26th Sept) – still got a couple of places available should you want to come.  French chefs in attendance and the Chateau Harry team present.   Looking forward to it!

One-day wine and food course Saturday 26 Sept 2009

Theme: Journey along the Loire

at Waterstones LG Kitchen and Lecture Room, Piccadilly, London W1

Moules Marinière

Trout Quenelles with Parsley Sauce

Shrimps in butter and brandy

Saddle of lamb stuffed with asparagus, goat’s cheese, watercress, and fondant potatoes

Le Gâteau Fromage Blanc with Fruit and Red Wine


Premier Cru Champagne

Sauvignon Blanc Baron Philippe de Rothschild 2007 France

Viognier 2008 Baron Philippe de Rothschild France

Chardonnay 2007 Baron Philippe de Rothschild France

Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Baron Philippe de Rothschild France

Merlot 2008 Las Montanas Chile

Nivole Moscato d’Asti, Italy

10.00 am        Guests arrive, Tea and Coffee

10.30 am        Health and Safety briefing, then guests split into groups to cook menu (according to ability)

  2.00 pm        Food served.   Harmonising wines and food together

  4.00 pm       End

 Health & Safety Rules

¨      No nail varnish or
jewellery (watches can be worn on aprons)

¨      Hardwearing shoes please – no trainers (hot liquids & knives)

¨      Hair to be tied back

¨      Aprons will be provided as part of the course.


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